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Learn how & Why Sitemap add to Robot.txt File

How & Why Sitemap add to Robot.txt File? This is a very important question whose answer want to know by each website owner and every blogger. Here in this post I will tell you importance of Sitemap add to Robot.txt File & how to place them in your blog.
However first of all you have to submit your sitemap my making account on webmaster tool (WMT) of following engines Google search console, Yahoo, Ask, Bing Webmaster tool.
Although in this method we have simply add a verification code in our blog or website and allow them to verify.

Learn how & Why Sitemap add to Robot.txt File
Learn how & Why Sitemap add to Robot.txt File

 But if you add sitemap into Robot.txt file then there is no need to submit sitemap in any search engines listed here.

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Whereas submission of sitemap is very essential in Google and in other webmaster tool but it is not so crucial to add your sitemap to Robot.txt file. But to enhance your SEO practice you might add your sitemap to Robot.txt so there is no too much effect on your site.

Why Sitemap add to Robot.txt File & reasons behind adding them? 

A very big question is that it better to add sitemap to Robot.txt file?  However “No” it is not essential but this is better for your site for SEO purpose only otherwise there might not so hard and fast rule to add it.
Actually it is difficult to add sitemap in all search engines therefore it is very simplified process, you can add sitemap in robot.txt file. All search engine can crawl and index your sitemap directly from Robot.txt.
There are thousands of search engines in this world to submit your blog or website in these search engines are very complex.  There are numerous search engine which doesn’t facilitate webmaster tool (WMT). So in this condition it is very better if you add Sitemap to Robot.txt File for your site SEO.
Here I explain you a simple procedure in this post if you add sitemap in Robot.txt than search engines of all over the world can view & access your sitemap very easily.  No doubt, this is best method to submit your site in all search engines.

Best Way to add Robot.txt in Sitemap

I know if you are a blogger or a website owner than you want to add sitemap into robot.txt file. Stop!! First you have to know a correct and Best Way to add Robot.txt in Sitemap.
Here I will follow google search Engine guidelines and add sitemap accordingly to the guidelines as mentioned in google.
Friends, you have to visit in bottom of Build and submit sitemap page in Google search console help forum. Here you will clearly see google have mentioned Best Way to add Robot.txt in Sitemap.

Google has mentioned two ways to submit your sitemap. First method is to submit your sitemap through Google search console and second method is through Robot.txt which may be explained there.

After adding sitemap to Robot.txt your site may be look something like this format
User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/

Sitemap: http://example.com/sitemap_index.xml

If you are using a Blogspot platform than you can submit your site in this format as given below:

Or otherwise if you are using a WordPress platform than you can submit your sitemap to Robot.txt by this process:

In Blogger sitemap.txt is available as a free sitemap while in WordPress you can use Yoast sitemap Plugin sitemap_index.xml, however if you have built your sitemap in some other platforms than you can add your sitemap URL.

·         Sitemap: http://example.com/sitemap-news.xml
·         Sitemap: http://example.com/sitemap-image.xml
·         Sitemap: http://example.com/sitemap-video.xml

Through by this method you can manage your website sitemap. If you have to answer any type of question regarding this than you can ask simply by commenting.

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