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A Step By Step Guide of Affiliate Marketing

Many people wants to make money while they sleep. For 99% of People this can only be done via Affiliate Marketing. Today, I bring you a step by step guide of Affiliate Marketing that broader your concept about affiliate sales, how does affiliate marketing works, how to get started and how to make money online . So let us began.

Affiliate Marketing
                                                                                                Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing where commission is earn by promoting or refer someone other company product and when a person buys product as per your recommendation you earn a significant amount of profit (commission) for each sale.
Commission varies from $0.5 t0 $1000, it totally depends on which product you promote.
One of the basic question arises how company track records of sales, & who sends traffic. Obviously a unique URL given by company for placing link of product known as (tracking URL).

Many companies who sell online products such as web-hosting spaces, handbags, shoes, or some other service, generally compromise an affiliate program. 

stages of Affiliate Marketing
Stages of Affiliate Marketing

You can just sign up for the affiliate program and acquire your unique tracking link. Nowadays, when you are writing about product, you might merely use this unique tracking affiliate link to mention by the company site. So, if your visitors purchase anything, whereas you may get a commission.

Every affiliate program have an algorithm.  Like, lot of them provide 60 days cookie period, that is if a visitor usages your unique affiliate link to land sales page of that site and purchase something within the duration of next 60 days, you will be eligible to the sales commission.

Some common terms and affiliate sites linked with affiliate Marketing are:

•             Affiliate Market: Affiliate Market work as a central database for various affiliate programs in different niches. There are many market like CJ, Shareasale, and Clickbank.
•             Affiliate software: Affiliate Software’s such as iDevaffiliate used by online companies to generate an affiliate program for their respective product.
•             Affiliate link: To track the graph of your affiliate promotion a unique tracking link accessible by your affiliate program.
•             Affiliate ID: Many affiliate programs proposes a unique ID like as affiliate link, which you may add to any post or page of the product site.
•             Landing pages: A product sales which is unique used for the means of increasing sales. Various programs that you may be promoting consist many landing pages, then you run A/B testing to view which page alter best for you.

•             Payment mode: Cheque, PayPal, wire transfer, are different methods of payment offer by affiliate programs.

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