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ADSS Trading App- android app Review

No free trading app ushering popular global company stocks on its trading platform. ADDS OREX is a new generation multi-asset trading platform prefers exceptionally low latency trading, in-depth technical analysis ability to view open orders and historical trades. ADDS OREX Mobile app installed on your android device makes market work for you anytime, anywhere as it put the market in your pocket. With OREX app you can readily trade and market whichever suit you best. With this groundbreaking app features anyone can view live share prices, trade over 90 currency pairs and 1000 CFD.

ADSS trading app
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You can get complete leverage rate across all commodities, presenting information which you need in real time. It permits you to check & configure open positions, place trades, manage order, monitor market and funds from anywhere at any time.

Trade will leverage a wide range of CFD markets:
1.       Forex
2.       Cryptocurrencies
3.       Share
4.       Forex
It offers you CFD trading (multi-asset classes) trading on the world on most popular currencies and financial instruments like as:
·         GBP/USD
·         S&P 500
·         USD/JPY
·         Gold and
·         Oil

How to Start with ADDS OREX Mobile Application?  
Test Drive
Join now
ADDS application is forged for traders when you install the application. You may display this three option:
1.       Test Drive
2.       Join now
3.       My Account
By clicking on a test drive you may have to add some products in a watch list and you may also be able to change account and may switch from live view and demo. Swipe features with left option to buy and swipe right are for sale. Test drive option comprises with a feature of portfolio, market new and positions of commodities. Although withdraw feature isn’t available in the guest account.

It’s really simple to control your trades in real time in accountability you have to do swipe, zoom, pinch, and swap. By sign up, proper filling of personal details, email, and address you can join up. You can also trade socially with sign up using Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook and Twitter account. You can download the app and invite friends via refer scheme and share information with them on your timeline. Initially, you may get 50,000 as a balance and free margin.

With ADSS you are potent various types according to different plans listed, you can choose account as per your urge. There are two types of account mode:
1.       Live
2.       Demo

In the live account, you may able to add and withdraw funds. Here you will also get tools in the analysis section of an app like economic calendar, earning calendar, technical analysis, market briefings to define your trading strategy and analyzing the market. Hence these features serve you everything from earning calendars to useful economic and let you plan your market trading in advance. At calendar, you can check your tomorrow earnings, today, this week, and last week earning.  In the app section of my statement following options display like my statements, open tickets, closed tickets and so on. Either you can buy deal order at market price or at a specific price.
There are total 23 currencies listed:
1.       AUDUSD
2.       EURUSD
3.       GBPUSD
4.       USDCHF
5.       USDJPY
6.       GOLD.DEC8
7.       SILVER.DEC8
8.       USOIL.DEC8
9.       USOIL.JAN9
12.   RIPPLE
14.   TESLA
16.   APPLE
18.   US 30.CASH
19.   UK 100.CASH
21.   US 500.CASH

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